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Ocean Grill

Ocean Grill, 1050 Sexton Plaza, Vero Beach, 231.5409, www.ocean-grill.com

Couples with romance on their minds know just the place to go for that very special dinner, ensconced in a decor and atmosphere as romantic and unique as their feelings for each other. Ocean Grill in Vero Beach is that place. It opened on a romantic New Year’s Day in 1941, put together by the eccentric entrepreneur Waldo Sexton from his vast stores of things he’d collected over the years including wrought iron, Spanish antiques, pecky cypress, lots of interesting doors, mahogany and much more. The result is a restaurant so unique inside that diners intent on a meal have to stop and look around, point out things, and enjoy their surroundings. “There’s something about the long history of this building that makes people just feel comfortable here,” said manager Beth Walsh Stewart. Couples can gaze at each other or the waves rolling in from the ocean. They can watch the moon rise over the water. If there is going to be a wait for their food, they can go down the steps and walk on the beach for a while. When Ocean Grill was built, it was about 200 yards from the ocean. Today, it’s less than 20 yards away. The beach has progressively lost sand over the years. But, that makes the view even more spectacular.


"Eclectic. Lots of atmosphere. Great food and service. Good drinks and lots of intimate tables for two."

"Great view of the ocean and it makes you feel special when you are there."